AmbuCarrier with 30″ Sand Wheels

sand_wheelsThe AmbuCarrier is a wheeled patient transport device designed to rapidly attach to a backboard or stretcher. The new AmbuCarrier with 30″ Sand Wheels is equipped with pliable, shock-absorbing pneumatic tires that will roll - even glide - over soft sand, turf, and other challenging terrain. The tires’ low pressure permits rolling non-ambulatory patients over unstable/uneven ground with ease.


Dimensions:  49 x 23 cm (19.3 x 9″ ) with connector for AmbuCarrier 14” wide

Width at Bushing/Bearing:  19.8 cm (7.8″)

Max. Payload per Wheel:  120 kg (264 lbs)

Weight:  2.78 kg (6.1 lbs)


Tire: Polyurethane
Hub: Polypropylene

Ideal & Ship Pressure:  2.5 psi (0.17 bar)

Pressure Range:  Low Pressure 2–4 psi (0.14-0.28 bar)

Temperature Range:  -15 to 75 C (5 to 167 F)