FiberTect for Oil

fiber_tect_oil_04FiberTect is a three layer, inert, flexible, drapable, non-woven fabric for absorbing and adsorbing oil and hydrocarbon vapor retention. Materials used in the outer layers may vary to provide absorption and adsorption properties and multiple functional uses. For use during oil spills, FiberTect CS is made of unbleached raw cotton on the outer layers with the activated inner carbon layer. FiberTect is now EPA-approved.




Product Description

  • Greater oil absorption than synthetic fabrics
  • Absorbs and holds hydrocarbons and vapors that are toxic
  • Reusable multiple times for oil
  • Works on multiple types of oil (i.e. crude oil)
  • Able to clean crude oil viscosity materials with ease
  • Porous carbon retains micro particles from oil dispersant mixtures that are harmful to marine life
  • EPA certified
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic
  • Lab-validated using crude and motor oils, tested solution