The Next Generation of Activated Carbon Dry Decon

fiber_tect_06FiberTect is a three layer, inert, flexible, drapable, nonwoven composite substrate for absorbing and adsorbing chemical warfare agents (CWA), toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), and pesticides. FiberTect is self-contained and packaged for easy use, storage, and transport. Materials used in the outside layers may vary to provide both absorption and adsorption properties and multiple functional uses.

fiber_tect_01Product Description

  • Wipe Away Bulk Chemicals
  • Effective Dry Decon of: · Persons· Weapons· Sensitive Equipment
  • Fabric Retains Toxic Vapor
  • Absorbs and Adsorbs Toxic Materials
  • Activated Carbon Nonwoven Fabric
  • Devoid of Loose Particles
  • Indefinite Shelf Life