Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion (RSDL)

Decon01RSDL Removes or Neutralizes ALL Known Chemical Warfare Agents including GA (TABUN), GB (SARIN), GD (SOMAN), GF (Cyclohexyl SARIN), VX (Nerve Agent), HD (Mustard), and T-2 Toxins.


Product Description

RSDL is the ONLY Skin Decontamination Lotion:

  • Designed to be Carried by Warfighters and First Responders Worldwide
  • Tested and Proven Effective by the US DoD and Multiple NATO Militaries
  • Cleared as Safe by the US FDA, European CE and Australian TGA
  • Decontaminates All Known
    Chemical Warfare Agents in Less Than 2 Minutes
  • Leaves a Non-Toxic Residue on the Skin
  • Fielded by US and NATO Militaries
  • Individual Packet and Multi Packet Kits Available